Strong engineering expertise together with efficient software are essential to Havator’s service concept. Havator Engineering is a team of logistics, machinery and construction technology professionals operating in the Nordic Countries. Skilled engineering ensures safe and efficient working practices and meeting deadlines.

The Planning Department also functions as sales support by carrying out feasibility studies and investigations as the customer’s lifts or transports are often technically challenging. More often than not, a solid technical description is already required in the tender so that the customer can make sure that the supplier has thought through the entire execution and taken the prerequisites into consideration.

Crane data programs:CRANE MANAGER DESIGNER 3D* This software is for master practitioners, allows the user to transfer by a simple mouse click its entire pre-planning, or even just a single crane into a 3D CAD system, Havator uses AutoCad 2017 or similar,  to continue with further processing within an existing, a user- created or provided by a customer drawing.

Additional engineering programs are Autodesk Inventor for detail studies and calculation for both crane and haulage jobs and crane specific programs like LICCON for Liebherr cranes.

Transport planning programs are: AutoCad or transport equipment specific programs as Goldhofer easyLOAD and Noteboom SALSA.

Industrial Moves

Together with Havator Engineering, the department provides one of the most comprehensive services in Northern Europe.

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