Havator was commissioned to move the old Ånge Ferry Terminal in Helsingborg. The building is currently being used as a restaurant and nightclub. And the site where it was located is to be exploited with the development of a conference centre and hotel. The building was relocated to a new site that was developed further along the quay in the port. The building measures 36 x 20 metres and weighed approximately 400 tonnes. 2 x No. 20 SPMT axles with Powerpack were required to move the building. The relocation was followed by around 3,000 people: stands were built and the operation was broadcast on large-screen TVs for all interested parties. A large number of representatives from the press were also present. Everything went exactly according to plan, and the 150 metre transport took 45 minutes. However, the preparations in the form of lifting and reinforcement had taken 3 weeks prior to the actual operation.

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