why hire HAVATOR?

There are many reasons to choose Havator as your lifting partner


  • We are known for broad knowledge in security with a workplace where security and work environment issues are taken seriously
  • We will help you plan with suggestions for technical solutions and lift plans to ensure the most cost-effective and safe solutions
  • We train crane drivers on our own and our ambition is to be number one for anyone who wants to work with crane services, and attract and retain the most skilled people in the industry
  • We are located locally, nationally and across the Nordic countries, ensuring maximum flexibility to meet your needs
  • We have the industry's largest mobile crane fleet with everything from small cranes to the largest mobile cranes available: Off-road mobile cranes, cranes, cranes designed for construction projects, for industry, in mines, in ports, for bridges and for accidents. An "all-in-one" supplier where you as a customer don't have multiple suppliers to solve your lift and transportation needs.
  • We tailor our service to your ambition, from fast lifting needs to complex projects