Havators eight decades


Jaalla The roots of Havator lie in Tornio, Finland. The founder of the company, Ahti Hanhirova (1918-1990), went into business after the second World War with grain and lumber trade as well as milling and sawmill operations.

The first family business, Hanhirovan Saha ja Mylly Oy, was set up in 1947. Much of the postwar business consisted of scrap dealing. A company called Lapin Jäte Oy, founded in 1945, purchased all the war scrap in nothern Finland from the Finnish state. The collection of war scrap was one of the biggest projects carried out in northern Finland in the 1940s.


Ahti Hanhirova started a successful construction business at the beginning of the 1950s. Hanhirova made a considerable investment in construction in 1956, which is when todays operations are considered to have begun.

The limited partnership Ahti Hanhirova & Kumpp. was set up in 1958 to work with construction, and it is the base for todays Havator. In 1960, the name of the company was changed to Hanhirova-Yhtymä. In the same decade, the company ceased trading in grain, scrap and lumber, and the milling and sawmill operations were discontinued, as resources were concentrated on construction operations.


Under the leadership of Ahti Hanhirova and his wife Märta, Hanhirova-Yhtymäs construction operations developed during the 1960s into a major contracting company.

The biggest projects were hydropower projects, mines and roads in northern Finland. During the decade, the company moved into new areas. The first mobile crane - a P&H 325 TC - was bought in 1966.


At the beginning of the decade, the construction company expanded into other building operations.

The company grew also in other areas through the acquisition of additional mobile cranes. One of the biggest single investments was a 90-tonne Lokomo, which at the time belonged to the biggest category of cranes in Finland. The company Tornion Konepaja Oy was set up in 1976.


The decade brought significant changes to the company name, the companys leadership and its areas of operation.

In 1981, the company name was changed to Havator Oy. Havator Ab was founded in 1984 in view of operations in Sweden. After a generation handover Erkki Hanhirova took over as managing director in 1986. At the end of the decade, building, consruction and workshop operations were discontinued and resources were concentrated to mobile cranes.


Polar Lift Oy, which provides crane services in the ports along the Bay of Bothnia, was acquired in 1993.

The first major project in Russia, the construction of the Conocon oil refinery in Siberia, was carried out in 1994 - 1996. Havator also acquired the Swedish company Krancity i Skellefteå in 1996.


At the beginning of the new millennium, the Havator grew into a new size category. The business grew thanks to successful business acquisitions and continued expansion of the fleet.

Havators expansion during the 21st century has been extremely strong. The crane operations of Blomberg Stevedoring in Vaasa were purchased in 2000. The same year saw the opening of a sales office in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2001, the company opened offices in Umeå, Sweden, and Espoo, Finland. In spring 2002, two subsidiaries were set up: Havator AS in Norway (based in Hammerfest) and Havator Kraana OU in Estonia. In that same year, the company acquired the business operations of NYAB Kran AB in Sundsvall, Sweden. The branch in Örnsköldsvik opened in spring 2004, and in summer 2005, the subsidiary Havator Montage was set up.

In 2006, Kuljetusneliö (now Havator Transport) and Lapin Nosturipalvelu were merged in the Havator. 

In May 2007, Avilun Oy and Pika-Tikas Oy in the Helsinki area were acquired by Havator. In Vaasa, Havator bought the company Oy CS-Trans AB. In June 2007, the Gothenburg crane company Bohuslyft AB was bought and became part of Havator. In November, Havator bought the entire capital share of Nostopalvelu Veikko Ojala Oy, based in Vantaa.

In February 2008, Havator acquired the crane operations of the Swedish Allyft i Östergötland AB. Polar Lift and Polarbase AS, which operates in Rypefjord harbor in Hammerfest, were merged into a joint holding. Polarbase provides support services to the traffic connections of drilling rigs, oilfields and gas fields.

The new jointly-owned dockside crane service operates under the name Polar Lift AS, and Polarbase AS owns 50 per cent of it.

In March 2008, Havator Transport Oy acquired 100% of Transport Priuska Oy.


In May 2010, Havator expanded its operations to Kokkola by establishing a new office in the city.

Havator AB purchased the entire capital share of BinSell i Uppsala AB in November. In December, Havator Transport AB, a Havator Group company focusing on special transports, purchased the entire capital share of Trailer Consult i Östergötland AB.

In October 2011, Havator strengthened its foothold in Central Sweden when Havator AB bought the capital share of Norrlandskraner AB and its subsidiaries (Norrlandskranar i Jämtland AB and Örnkranar AB). In March 2012, Havator opened a new Uusikaupunki and Turku office to serve customers throughout southwest Finland. Activities on the east coast of Sweden were reinforced in July when Havator AB purchased the entire share capital of Molins Kranar AB which operates in Kalmar, Sweden.

In 2013, the map of offices was updated with a new office in Turku. The opening of the new office reinforced Havator’s position in one of the biggest cities in Finland. In the same year, Havator Oy purchased the crane operations and equipment of Polar Cranes Oy, which had its offices in Tampere and Tuusula. In June 2014, Havator AB purchased the heavy haulage and special transport operations of Brunskoggruppen AB in Ljungby, Sweden. Havator sold its mobile lifting platform operations to Nostolava- auto Jalo & Jalo Oy in February 2015. The business deal included a collaboration agreement in services provided by both companies. In March, Havator AB purchased the entire capital share of Tomas Andersson Mobilkranar AB in Norrköping, Sweden. The acquisition reinforced the position of Havator in Central and Southern Sweden.

Havator is a business group with operations involving crane services, special transports, section assembly and harbor crane services. Havator specializes in all-in project solutions in collaboration with skilled partners. Havator operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and the Baltic countries. The Group employs approximately 600 people.


Havator speciality is all-in project solutions in collaboration with skilled partners.​

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